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Development and regulation of the transport system are key areas on the way to the development of the country. Transport complex does not produce a new product, but serves as a link between businesses, provides the necessary conditions for the functioning of other sectors of the economic solves social problems, has important political and economic issues.

«APC firm» can help resolve any issue that concerns transport on the territory of Ukraine. Transport sector's share in the gross domestic product of Ukraine is about 10%. The number of employed workers in this industry is 7 % of the total employed population. Ukraine has 21.9 thousand km of railways, 169.4 thousand km of roads, about 2.2 thousand km of inland waterways, 18 marine and 10 river ports, 36 airports.

The transport system of Ukraine consists of:

  • Public transport;
  • Railway transport
  • Industrial rail transport
  • Maritime transport
  • River (internal waterway) transport
  • Auto transport
  • Air transport
  • Pipeline transport
  • Urban electric
  • Departmental transport (transport of companies used for purpose of such companies).

To date, the transport sector of Ukraine's economy satisfies only the basic needs of the economy and the population. At the same time, Ukraine has a high one of the highest ratio of transit in the world. Geostrategic position between Europe, Asia and the Middle East allows it to be profitable transit bridge for the transport of goods and passengers.

These factors lead to increased development of the transport industry of Ukraine, which in turn causes the law and the development of transport legislation of Ukraine.

The number of acts in the transport sector, their specificity and features require careful and multi-faceted approach, and therefore the demand for legal services in the field of transport law always remains at a high level.