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Telecommunications and media sphere

The scope of legal services in the telecommunications and media sphere has increased several times. First of all, it is due to the expansion and introduction of new technologies of providing telecommunication and media services.

Experience of «APC firm» in this area covers issues related to the practice of television and radio broadcasting, the provision of services fixed, mobile and satellite communications, wireless and fiber-optic cable systems, internet and trade via the Internet.

Our company provides the following services:

  • interests on broadcasting licenses for the use of broadcast channels;
  • assisting clients in state competitions for the right to use the broadcasting channels;
  • legal support in court proceedings;
  • legal support of media market during inspections of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting;
  • represent the interests of the customer at the stage of conducting inspections and pending the results at the meetings of the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting.

«APC firm» also accompany registration of information agencies, print media intellectual property.

Professional experience of our company covers all areas of this branch. We provide legal support to companies operating both domestic and international markets of telecommunications, wireless telecommunications, the Internet, trade in the Internet and that operate in the media space.