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Sports industry

Provision of legal services in the sports sector is provided by a few law firms, as the legal framework of Ukraine has not yet developed in this sphere.

During execution sports activities you may require to obtain professional legal assistance, namely:

  • maintenance of contractual relations, the relationship between athletes and sports
  • organizations
  • development of employment contracts for athletes and coaches in team sports
  • legal support of clubs transfer
  • advising on emerging issues
  • representation of the parties in conflict situations (in court and out of court)
  • protection the interests of the athletes, coaches, sports industry workers in labor
  • disputes, as with sports organizations, as public authorities.

You also may get advice on the registration of institutions of physical culture and sports, litigation with customers, certification of special equipment, etc.

In this case you need to contact us and we guarantee professional legal assistance. Our specialists are able to provide a full range of legal services for economic activities related to physical culture and sports.