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Real estate and construction

On this date due to the significant and rapid reform, imperfection of the Ukrainian legislation on land, real estate and construction relations there are some legal issues. Lack of understanding of solution ways create challenges for the conduct of business related to real estate and construction. 

This may be because of obtaining permits to start construction, the introduction of a facility into operation, receipt of documents at various stages of construction, licensing, construction activities, the acquisition of land for development, transactions, the object of which is real estate, registration of real property rights. 

Economic activity in the real estate sector is often in contact with the various branches of law, such as antitrust, banking, financial, tax, labor law that requires the involvement of competent specialists in different fields of law practice for quality and comprehensive treatment of the issues and situations. 

«APC firm» provides with such legal services:

  •  Legal support of the construction of new real estate - residential, office, retail, warehouse, agricultural, energy
  •  Legal analysis of transactions on real estate
  •  The full legal support of the construction process
  •  Maintenance procedures of investment in construction and land
  •  Support of cross-border transactions
  •  M & A companies in the construction and land sectors.