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Marriages with foreigners 26.01.2016 14:29

Lately, by force of some intrinsic reasons, the problem of marriage consummation by the citizens of Ukraine with foreigners became more topical. Still, in this issue there are lots of nuances that are necessary to take into account to avoid problems in the future.

International investigation of crimes 24.12.2015 08:17

Today the world is steadily moving to international globalization through constant economic, political, cultural and legal integration. Interdependence and interconnections between countries and as a result between business entities lead to necessity in establishing relations with legal persons and individuals.

Review of financial legislation amendments 2015 17.12.2015 11:54

Public finance plays a strategic role in functioning of financial sector and economy at all, developing of regions and supporting of entrepreneurship. In its turn these branches reflect a basis of economic and social development of Ukraine. Efficiency of public finance management is of a great role for providing stability of budget system as well as general financial safety and economic growth.

Ukraine's National Bank Prohibits Currency Purchase for the Loans Early Repayment 24.02.2014 08:18

Under Resolution No.49 of the National Bank of Ukraine, dated 6 February 2014 (the "Financial Crisis Resolution"), which came into effect on 7 February 2014, Ukrainian residents shall not be allowed to purchase foreign currency in order to prematurely fulfill their obligations under the loan agreements with foreign lenders (the "Currency Purchase Prohibition"). 

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