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General aspects of investment climate in Ukraine 06.05.2016 16:38

The investment climate is a general description of the complex of social, economic, institutional, legal, political, social and cultural backgrounds, which leads to the attractiveness and feasibility of investing in a particular economic system (the economy, the region and corporation). The clear vision on investment climate of Ukraine could appear from dichotomous division of those abovementioned backgrounds on economic potential (investment potential) and real conditions of doing business in our country (investment risk).

Acquiring Ukrainian citizenship 12.04.2016 18:22

To receive Ukrainian citizenship in any grounds you shall appeal to the territorial division of Ukraine LCA on the place of living; submit an application with the necessary documents; obtain a certificate of registration of the citizen of Ukraine (which is the basis for obtaining passport of citizen of Ukraine) in the territorial division of Ukraine LCA on the place of living.

Surrogate maternity - international experience and implementation in Ukraine 10.02.2016 13:57

Continued existence of human race, as an apogee of the relationship between a man and a woman is expressed in motherhood, which not only enriches, but also complements and harmonizes relationship between women and men. Birth of a child giveslong-awaited joy and is marked with common renewal, new stage of life and pleasant cares. What could be better than children's laughter and smiles!

Marriages with foreigners 26.01.2016 14:29

Lately, by force of some intrinsic reasons, the problem of marriage consummation by the citizens of Ukraine with foreigners became more topical. Still, in this issue there are lots of nuances that are necessary to take into account to avoid problems in the future.

International investigation of crimes 24.12.2015 08:17

Today the world is steadily moving to international globalization through constant economic, political, cultural and legal integration. Interdependence and interconnections between countries and as a result between business entities lead to necessity in establishing relations with legal persons and individuals.

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