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Non-Residents’ Income Taxation in Ukraine 22.11.2016 19:39

The taxation procedure for the income, obtained by a non-resident from Ukrainian source is mainly governed by the Tax Code of Ukraine.

Divorce with the foreigner 11.10.2016 17:34

Dissolution of marriage with a foreigner is sometimes quite difficult process, because it is necessary to know certain legal aspects and features of the legislation of the foreigner`s country. In some countries litigation is a prerequisite for divorce, while in others the divorce process can last for several years and in such countries as Ireland, Argentina and Colombia divorce is prohibitive at all.

Features of registration of foreign investments in Ukraine 22.08.2016 09:42

Foreign investments are invested by foreign investors’ values in objects of investment activities in order to make a profit or to achieve social effect.

Legal regulation of the labor migration 10.08.2016 17:14

There are internal and external labor migrations. Internal migration is implemented within a country, while foreign migrant workers involve leaving the territory of the country, to take up well-paid employment abroad. Recently, the popularity of external labor migration began to increase. Nowadays almost every average Ukrainian thinks about it. There are a lot of factors of such situation in our country: political, economic, social, living conditions and salaries. Accordingly, people decide to go abroad for better conditions.

Features of the Marriage Contract 28.07.2016 14:22

Despite the considerable popularity of the marriage contract in the Europe, the USA, Canada, the mentality of the Ukrainian people still cant accept this deal as normal. For Ukrainians is not acceptable to combine feeling and money, that’s why the question raises immediately: why do you marry if you are now thinking about the consequences of divorce. However, the legislation of Ukraine, in particular the art.9 Family Code (FC) of Ukraine, still provides that the couple may regulate their relationship by agreement (contract) if it does not conflict with the Code or other laws and morals of the society.

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