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International investigation of crimes

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International investigation of crimes 24.12.2015 08:17

Today the world is steadily moving to international globalization through constant economic, political, cultural and legal integration. Interdependence and interconnections between countries and as a result between business entities lead to necessity in establishing relations with legal persons and individuals. 

Surely in the process of communication between the parties often arise conflicts that were caused with simple misunderstanding or illegal actions.

That is why there is a need to make international investigation to bring offenders to justice.

This activity can be carried out by specialized agencies as part of international organizations or individual special organizations (for example International Criminal Police Commission - Interpol) and private professional entities on fee basis.

Often in the cooperation with the agencies in international organizations specializing on offence investigations clients meet many problems as:

  • low motivation of employees to investigate the crimes and get results;
  • the investigation can take a lot of time because of large amount of cases in these bodies;
  • a complicated structure of bodies specializing on international investigation and low level of cooperation between the agencies in different countries;
  • low professional level of the employees.

All these factors lead to low efficiency of the activities in the international investigation agencies and, as a result, to small percentage of successful cases.

These problems disappear when clients appeal to the private entities, since they are directly interested in the results and also they have much more skilled workers then the specialized agencies in the international organizations.

Importantly, the main role in the efficiency of such activities takes the planning and organization of the investigation, including exploration of problems and direction of investigation, ways and means, how to achieve the objectives using rational spending of client’s time, efforts and resources.

The investigation agencies in international organizations don’t have, de facto, this component, when the private entities give to this activity a lot of attention.

Law firm «АРС» has a wide range of services, including assistance in international investigation of crimes, civil torts, delicts and others offences.

This service includes:

  • carrying out of investigation actions aimed on search of persons, firms suspected in misconducts;
  • search and collection of proofs;
  • analysis of laws in the country where the crime was committed;
  • legal assistance in bringing the persons to justice.

The employees of Law firm «АРС» have extensive experience in operating with such cases. If you need help for international investigation of crimes, civil torts, delicts and others offences, contact to Law firm «АРС».
We will reduce wasting of your time to a minimum and will provide you with expert help to restore violated rights and freedoms.

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