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Doing business in Ukraine in 2019 04.05.2019 21:42

Doing business in Ukraine has some specificity and has significant difference from doing business in other countries. Following the recent reforms, Ukraine is insensibly becoming an attractive place to do business and invest for the foreign business community.

Changes for foreigners in tax legislation of Ukraine in 2017 21.02.2017 22:42

Numerous of changes to the Tax Code of Ukraine came into force, including those concerning foreigners since January 1, 2017.

Improving the investment climate in Ukraine 20.01.2017 14:21

The investment climate is called a set of financial, political, organizational, legal, socio-economic and geographical factors inherent in a particular state, that positively or negatively affect the flow of investments. In fact, the investment climate reflects the degree favorable situation prevailing in the country in relation to investments that may be involved.

The growth of investment attractiveness of Ukraine 29.12.2016 10:58

The interest of investors to Ukraine is constantly growing, caused by favorable market conditions, the availability of attractive investment sectors, special regime for foreign investments and positive changes in legislation.

Non-Residents’ Income Taxation in Ukraine 22.11.2016 19:39

The taxation procedure for the income, obtained by a non-resident from Ukrainian source is mainly governed by the Tax Code of Ukraine.

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