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Metallurgy industry

Metallurgy is one of the basic branches of economy of Ukraine that provides a significant portion of GDP and exports. Ukrainian metallurgy is formed by two categories: ferrous and nonferrous. Ferrous metallurgy is the main.

«APC firm»   takes one of the leading places in the world for the production of ferrous metals. Metals are widely used in all sectors of the economy. The first place on the use of metal belongs to engineering. The main production is the production of finished metal accessory - manufacture of alloys. In ferrous metallurgy it is ferroalloys (an alloy of iron, for example, manganese or chromium), processing of secondary materials (metals processing works on scrap) and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

On this date this industry has some problems (poor industrial capacity, debts, etc.) that affect at competitiveness in the global steel market. Ukrainian steel industry has a number of advantages, such as access to raw materials, favorable geographic position and large industrial capacity, that makes Ukrainian metallurgical sector attractive for investment. «APC firm»  will provide full legal support for steel business.

Legal services may include:

  •  Due diligence of companies in the steel industry
  •  Purchase/sale, merger and acquisition of smelters
  •  Development and legal examination of contracts used in the metallurgical industry
  •  Support disputes with manufacturers and suppliers
  •  Development and implementation of legal safeguards steelworks
  •  Representation interests in government.