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Hotel and restaurant business

Hotel and restaurant business is an important part of the infrastructure, which plays a significant role in the presentation of the state as a tourist product in the tourism market. 

The last few years hotel and restaurant market is growing fast. Ukraine, in view of the increasing number of international events on its territory, have become recognizable and attractive tourist destination, that entails the development of hotel and restaurant business. 

Number of recreational areas on the territory of Ukraine and rather calm climate make it an attractive target for investment in the sector of the hospitality industry. But this business is difficult because it requires many permits. In Ukraine there are several options for a hotel/restaurant business: it is the creation of new business, purchase/sale of business and franchising. 

The company «APC firm»  provides legal services for hotel and restaurant owners that includes:

  •  Acquiring and investing in real estate
  •  Corporate participation and representation of the interests of shareholders
  •  Obtaining antitrust permits
  •  External and internal tax planning
  •  Transaction support, maintenance agreements and contracts
  •  Legal assistance in matters of intellectual property. 

 The company also provides a legal analysis of management contracts, franchise and other documents related to the implementation of hotel and restaurant projects in Ukraine. The company provides full legal support in matters of buying and selling the hotel and restaurant business.