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Family law

Company «APC» actively works and develops in the area of ​​family law.

The main issues that we work in this area of ​​family law are:

  • Marriage
  • Protection of property and personal rights and responsibilities of spouses
  • Protection of family and marital relationship
  • Protection of the relationship between children and parents, other family members and relatives
  • Adoption and protection of the rights of adopted
  • Questions of guardianship
  • Divorce
  • The division of property.

The Constitution of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Family Code, regulates family relationship in the state. The state, according to the above law, protects the rights of families, children, mothers, fathers.

Our main objective is aimed at strengthening the family, healthy relationship, mutual understanding, and responsibility.

We also provide services in the area to avoid interference with family outsiders.

All the questions that may relate to family law specialists to help resolve «APC».