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Criminal law

«АРС» law firm  will protect your interests in criminal proceedings. Our lawyers have a unique experience in investigative and judicial authorities of Ukraine.

If it so happens that you (consciously or unconsciously) become a direct participant in the processes that relate to the scope of the criminal process and you need advice on your specific legal matter or expert help, you can contact the «АРС» law firm.

Criminal process in Ukraine has its own characteristics, which can be understood only by local lawyers. We were defending their clients in a variety of criminal cases, including cases of fraud, protect property rights, crimes against the person, official crime.

Our experts are ready to provide you with the following legal services:

  • Consultation on Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Representation of your interests in law enforcement
  • Protection of interests in court
  • Preparation of procedural documents
  • Protection in international courts.

In working with clients we keep secret information. You can be assured that your details will not be visible to others. We have won more than 100 cases.

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