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Civil law

Everyone faces daily legal relations pertaining to civil law.

Civil law covers both the peculiarities of individual human rights (the right to life, health, liberty and security of person, etc.) and property rights (ownership of land and housing, the right to use, property ownership), the right intellectual property, regulates the agreements, contracts, and establishes procedures for inheritance features. Sooner or later every man ask a question, the solution of which lies in the civil law. Their quality solution often depends on the level of knowledge of the issue and ownership necessary for resolution information.

Our company provides legal services regarding:

  • The purchase and sale of property
  • Contracts and transactions
  • Remittances
  • Representation in government and the court
  • Maintaining correspondence
  • Probate and selling it. 

«APC» law firm is a reliable support in the resolution of various issues and developments pertaining to the competence of the civil law. Activities of the «APC» law firm  includes all practices civil law that allows successfully resolve any question in this area, drawing on the experience and understanding of the regulatory framework.